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With the name of Allah

The most Gracious, The most Merciful.


You are an island, I just a little boat.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


aku da xtau nk kte ape.
ble pk blek,sumenye cm blalu so fast..
aku ingt lps smbg stdy die xkn blek jmp aku lg.
aku da try lupekan die.
so hard n so dammmmmmn!!!!
i just keep the feel toward him,deeper in my heart.
wondering if he can be mine.
but the truth is he's not mine.
so i just letting go everythings.
cos i knew who i am.
i am not a princess that have everything,she's perfect.
dreaming if i can be a beautiful witch.
i will spell him to be a good person just 4 me.
who love me.take care of me.
but its just a dream.
it would never happen.
trust myself,i will let him go.
never forget,never erase him of off my life.
i just want he happy 
and i will free from all confusion :)


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