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belogretakciknerty: not easy to be me.

With the name of Allah

The most Gracious, The most Merciful.


You are an island, I just a little boat.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

not easy to be me.

*it' s just a nonsense story*

dear readers, do you really know me? no, right. so don't continue reading, because it's just a nonsense story. i just want to run away, far away from this complicated life. lebih baik aku bz dari sepi. my 2011 at first, teruk.tapi aku redah je. yeah, mmg teruk. stop thinking about that worse time. now, i have a big problem. you know how happy i am right now? because i have him. i'm not sure, is what you are? without the nice things you had before. do you really forget the nice things before? i keep asking. Was it love to you? empty. dear, i still remember these nice things, i remember its all. don't you try to lie. i know you are still keep the nice things deep into your heart.
i'm holding each memory in. and i know we are just pretend. do i right? you've talking over my head again. God, may you erase him from my life? i don't dare to hurt her. i don't dare to pretend again and again. i am tired. swear, i am tired to be hypocrite. i just want to end this. i don't wanna go out there and pretend. can you make them understand? and i'll find another way to be happier one day. will i ever get to be like her? i am sorry if i run away from you. i am sorry to be sensitive. its not easy to me my dear.


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