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belogretakciknerty: soulmate?

With the name of Allah

The most Gracious, The most Merciful.


You are an island, I just a little boat.

Monday, June 11, 2012


"You can always stand up straight when you've fallen from chairs, but you can never stand up straight when you've fallen in love"

Yes, I'm falling for you. I never expected to like or fall for someone after him. Never. But we can never lie to ourselves, I tried to deny what i feel for you but I failed to do so. I want to thanked you, because you've bring back happiness to me. You make me forget about my past, the past that I thought I never will forget and I've succeeded in the end, thanks to you. One things you should know, i am happy to do all things that make you happy but i never hope even ones, you to reply that. 
I love our relationship now. I love the way we treat each other. No fake things happen, i love all this! Honestly i don't want you to get sick :'( be tough. We're just a friend, i never hate that. My friend always thought that you and i was in a special relationship, i know we are not...tssskk. But, thank Allah because i meet you..be friend with you and because off you i learn new things. You are differ. Sincere.
Life is beautiful, I shall just enjoy every single moment of it. And oh, I know you feel nothing for me. I don't mind. Sorry, I've fall for you. Hmm. But I can accept that the fact is you are just my friend.I promise you I will try to be your best listener. Friendzoned valid!
#gamba takde kne mngena just nak update next mengenai mereka berdua (:

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