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belogretakciknerty: Keep thinking Or Just let it be?

With the name of Allah

The most Gracious, The most Merciful.


You are an island, I just a little boat.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Keep thinking Or Just let it be?

Assalam for those who read this.
Lately, I cant stop thinking about this thing. That is, why someone come to our life suddenly? I meant why me? and why should this happen to me? Aku bukan nak cakap aku tolak takdir Allah tp I just think why this happen towards me and him? Who he is? *apa sebenarnya aku nak type ni?*
Aku nak sent msg dan kata,
if you want to know me then ask me about me. Only me, do call me for asking only about me not him. Not your friend, I am sick and too tired about him and me. Why don't you get it? Dear you, you make my mind cant stop thinking about him. on the same times, you make my heart smile again but if we always talk about him..i will stop text you and will ignore you. As reminder for both us, don't advantage this opportunities to make our heart happy and fake our feeling. We both know the reals story. I hope you understand. Jodoh itu pasti Allah tunjukkan.

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