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belogretakciknerty: I Need You

With the name of Allah

The most Gracious, The most Merciful.


You are an island, I just a little boat.

Monday, June 10, 2013

I Need You

The old you friend.
Yang kecik kecik hal pon aku terasa, inikan yg besar besar.
I know i am not the only friend that u had.
I am sad,
to thinks.
about our memories,
mostly when we cooked together, gossiping, chatting.
I really miss you.
I want to cry now, but I shy. 
My room mate will ask why, and you know what?
She is more care about me than you.
I want the old you.
if i found doremon in this real life,
i thinks you know what i will ask him.
I want him to borrow me his time machine so that I can spend my time with you
like we usually do before.
Kau sedar ke tak ni?
yang aku perlukan kau.
Yes. I always have him beside me.
The loyal him that always calm me.
You or him.
I rather choose you.
Because you are the one who always support me before.
Hold my hand back my dear friend.

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